6 thoughts on “Synth Man Booted from Worship Team

  1. Morphea

    “I don’t mind if people get lost in the goodness of God,” he says, “but I want them to remember what got them there: the gilded, diverse tones of this wonderful instrument.”

    OK, not to get into the whole debate over HOW we get to the trance-like state of really GOOD

  2. Morphea

    [sorry - accidentally pressed "Submit"]

    …really GOOD worship (whether or not god taps us on the head in order for us to feel it or we, through music, twirling, drugs, whatever, induce the state ourselves and meet god where s/he is), but this guy’s firmly in the human-induced camp. Basically he thinks his playing is the peyote of Christian worship time. Right on.


  3. Matt Segawa


    How do we know this guy is even good at what he does? Hey Mike, maybe he’s playing those Korg shimmering, awakening, glistening, loopy, texture sounds that even sound kewl when you use one finger?

    He must set up the night before. Now that is commitment.

    How does he afford all that new gear..looks like a Korg booth at a local guitar center. What does his real rig look like? Maybe he has an array of Korg Poly 800′s or Casios.

    For me, I’ve been guest playing at this church, using my rig for electric guitars on that Chris Tomlin baloney with distorted open 4ths and 5ths. So…guitars are in..as well as suitcase rhodes with loop delays and B3. Go figure.

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