Diebold Hacked!


Does this freak anyone else out? Some folks at Princeton bought a Diebold voting machine, the same make and model that is used in several states in actual elections. They take it into their lab and proceed to show how, in under one minute, a person with no technical background can install a pre-made virus onto the machine that will alter the vote talley for that machine. Not only that, but it will replicate, and install itself on other voting machines. It’s not detectable by the machine’s normal system scans, and will automatically delete itself as soon as the election is over.

This is not some hacker group at DefCon trying to make a point. This is Princeton. This scares me. I like electronic voting, but it’s past time for new election laws that enforce higher standards for vote security.

See the actual case study.

5 thoughts on “Diebold Hacked!

  1. Sharolyn

    Sam Waterston was right. Robots are taking over the world.

    I only repond with humor because the truth is way too frightening.

  2. Paul

    Let’s hear it for the good old fashioned punch cards that we use here in Thousand Oaks. Nothing says “I cast my vote” like pushing that lever. It’s kind of like the difference between the old slot machines, where you pull the lever and get actual cash when you win, and the new fangled ones with electronic screens, buttons to start the symbols moving, and your winnings shown as “credits.” What fun is that?

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