Hooty-McDeal – iPod Geekout!

I’m sure this is old hat for all of us Uber Dorks here at Addison Road. But in case you spent this morning sleeping in a hole…

Apple released new iPods today. For all you 12-year old girls, the Nano now holds a sh*tload more songs, and has a fancy new aluminum case. 2 Gig up to 8 Gigs – it’s priced between $150 and $250. But if you’re not stealing Aaron Carter tunes from Limewire, and you actually want to fill up your MP3 player with 192KHZ tunage – the standard iPod Video has been upgraded to 80 gigs. Yes, 80 mother-lovin gigs. I don’t care if you rip your tunes in straight uncompressed AIFF format – you ain’t runnin’ outta space on this bad boy. Best of all? The price actually dropped for all this extra storage. $350 for 80GB, and $250 for 30GB. (I just ordered an 80GB black) Talk about a Hooty McDeal!

Also, the Shuffle has been updated as well – now it’s the size of a grain of rice. Well, almost….By the way – check out the giant butt on the Shuffle’s page.
This release comes along with news of the new Apple iTV – a device that will let you stream the video contents of your computer to your television. Personally, I already own such a device – I call it Tivo. (Or, more recently, the new HD cable box from Motorolla, powered by something called “Moxi”) But whatever. Apple also released iTunes 7, which includes downloadable movies, and looks simply delicious, and also introduced some time-sucking downloadable games for the iPod.

Anyone wanna buy my PSP?

26 thoughts on “Hooty-McDeal – iPod Geekout!

  1. Gretchen

    So I had to check out the enormous butt… and I’m pretty sure it’s actually the front of a jean jacket. Interesting concept though, a button up back seat….hmm

  2. corey

    I have to disagree on the iTunes upgrade. The functionality is cool, but the look is a step or three in the wrong direction. The dark coloring, the boxyness… it all feels like it has a Windows essence to it. And don’t get me wrong, the last time I used a PC without vomiting a little was in 1993. I’m all about the mac. But I have always loved the fact that the OS had a light, airy look to it. The new iTunes interface reminds me of Logic and Login Pro, which I don’t like for the same reason.

    For a company that has marketed itself for years as the clean, light, and crisp design bastion, I see a detachment with this look. Boo The Darkness, I say.

  3. Zack Post author

    Well Corey, after a few hours with iTunes 7 – I think I’m starting to agree. Although I’m still dorking out on the page-turning aspects of the album art viewer. Oooohhh….Ahhhhhhh.

    But yeah. it’s a tad cluttered.

    I can’t wait for my new 80GB iPod. (Salivating) Just think: No more selective transfers – all 70 gigs of my tunes can fit…..yay.

  4. corey

    And, holy crap, I just went to the iTunes store last night…. what Geniass decided that steel blue makes a good background color for the most popular online download store in the world? It looks CHEEEEEAAAAAPP.

    Why, my love, do you do this to me, Dearest Apple?

  5. michael lee

    Remember when the first US soldiers came to the Nazi prison camps at the end of WWII, and they wanted to give all their food rations and candy bars to the prisoners, but they kept getting sick, and even dying – the transition from starvation to an overbundance was too much of a shock for their system.

    Apple is going after the PC market. They’re probably just trying to make sure that they don’t kill 13 million new users when they switch.

    And yes, thanks for asking, I did just compare PC use to being in a Nazi death camp. I’m that guy.

  6. Morphea

    Great. Another Mac…freakin’…discussion. Do you know the damage you’re doing? DO YOU?? Lemme ‘splain. No, it’s too much: lemme sum up. Ramon, thanks to YOUR influence (and some other spinny-eyed friends of ours), just applied for a credit line with Mac and brought down a $3,100 limit. DAMN YOU!!!

    [Actually, I'm pretty excited - I refuse to ask him what the APR is - but don't tell anyone. And I still curse your name.]


  7. michael lee

    I predict that the computer will pay for itself in 6.3 weeks. And also, that you will find Ramon even more sexy and awesome (if that we’re even possible) with his new mac goodness.

    And peace and justice will rain down from heaven. Also, the perpetual fanboys singing the official mac oratoria in never-ending choirs surrounding your house.

    Welcome to the bliss.

  8. Grammy

    I will never make the switch from my beloved PC. It just works! I can make amazing stuff on it, I never get viruses, the OS and intel chips are always a step ahead of macs, and I can do unbelievable things with my photos on the PC. All that, plus the packaging is just plain SEXY! You mac lovers have been hypnotized by aliens.

  9. Bobby

    Make sure Ramon gets the Powerbook with the built-in lap warmer absolutely free. You know how Apple is with those add-on accessories… that’s where the real money is made.

    Karen got a (gasp) Creative 8GB Zen MicroPhoto for her birthday – it’s like a Nano with a $80 instant rebate. I think she likes it. For those of us who are still pre-Mac, it’s nice that other products are catching up. Now when is that full-screen iPod coming out?

  10. Chad

    “I never get viruses, the OS and intel chips are always a step ahead of macs…”

    Has Dr. Feelgood been dispensing Vicodins? I mean, you can make your arguement that it works for you… but… the OS is a step ahead? You’re kidding, right?

  11. Zack Post author

    Teri: I love you like a mother, so I mean well when I say this, and I’m only looking out for your best interests…

    Seek help.

  12. darren

    of course, for some of us in other countries than the us the new upgrades don’t really mean much at all. i’ll never be able to download films, or the entire series heros, just as much as i can’t download the new gin blossoms cd although it’s on the us itunes store and not the itunes Au store…

    yet i still have to download upgrades to itunes in order to continue using it.

    i cannot wait until we’re allowed to download straight from the us store.

    and i’d love an ipod, i’m just waiting for one thats at least 150gig so it can store my cd collection…

  13. Paul

    Grammy is just messing with y’all because over the past week I’ve been ranting about how her Vaio has finally gone the way of all PCs — stalling, freezing, slowing down because Mr. Norton is doing his virus check, refusing to respond at inopportune times, etc. We only keep the thing because I have to massage my Word for Mac files through it before I e-mail them, so that people with PCs on the other end can open them. Probably some lame trick built into msn.com. I keep threatening to get her a nice new iMac…

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