Class Intro

So, this was kind of fun. I started classes on Thursday, and I opened up my first lecture for “Intro to Music Tech” by playing this video. Picture 20 kids in a room, with the speakers turned on full blast, and this rolling. It was very fun.

I apologize for the compression of the video – it looks awful on the upload.

Also, for any of you interested in following along with the class lectures (nerd!), the whole semester is being podcast.

12 thoughts on “Class Intro

  1. harmonicminer

    Oops… you know what they say in the biz

    Never send a sub who’s better than you are.

    My mistake.

    it won’t happen again

  2. Morphea

    How fun are you? Man, my first of these kinds of classes – if the professor had said ‘signal flow’ one more time I’d have gone for blood. Well done, you.

    And you have one of the crispest finger snaps I’ve heard in the biz, bro. Must be from your jazz hepcat days.


  3. Karen

    I was really proud of myself for getting my new Zen to work in the car but I may be stopping by for the podcasts to learn so much more. What a cool intro to your class! :)

  4. michael lee Post author

    For my senior recital, I wrote a ton of Big Band music. The first rehearsal was the first time I had led a band that large for that long. Ever tune, every stop and start I was snapping the band back in.

    I had blisters for days.

  5. Morphea

    We all do silly, showy things for our Senior Recitals that end in pain for us. Why, I lost my voice for weeks after mine, thanks to my ridiculous idea that I could cover Toto without sustaining vocal injury. Fortunately no one was injured as a result of the pyrotechnics for the “Africa” finale.

    Friends, I wish I were kidding. There were honest-to-god fireworks.


  6. Kathryn Paterson

    What an awesome class beginning! You guys are just way cool, by the way. I stumbled upon this website because a friend of mine sent me the link to the blog about the wrong capo. But after reading a few of these, I’m beginning to think it’s a “God thing.” Glad I bumped into you.

  7. Grammy

    Geez, Mike, where were you when I was trying to be interested in college classes? If I’d had more profs like you, maybe I wouldn’t have wandered through seven colleges before finally getting my undergrad degree! Keep it up, love!


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