6 thoughts on “PhPh: Everyday. For 6 Years

  1. june

    Aly, reading your most recent post and then watching this…Addison Road is blowing my mind. (It doesn’t take much.)

  2. gretchen

    It was cool watching him age around his eyes and mouth, and put on a little weight in in face. That was way cool. Yeah, the hair “wave” was weird.

  3. june

    So, what’s the vote? Do we like his hair: short, short and up, long, bangs, no bangs, bed-head wild…

    I vote for either short and up or bed-head wild.

  4. Morphea

    Man, I wish there was an audio commentary version, especially so he could tell about the 2-month block (I’m wildly guessing on the time frame) when he looked so, so sad.


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