The Dailies: Day 2

Just jumping online while we swap out snare drums.

I forget how much of a magnifying glass the studio process is. There are things about your gear that you just live with most of the time, because they aren’t that critical for live playing. Then, when you shine a big old $10,000 mic and two big speakers on it, all of the sudden it becomes a critical problem. Case in point – right now Chris and Rosy are trying to chase down an issue with the snare drum ringing out a little too much. Doesn’t seem like a big problem, but 3 minutes and 280 snare strokes later, it’s the kind of thing that will set your teeth on edge.

The same thing is true of my playing, sometimes. I get away with some sloppy things because the energy of live playing lets me push through it. Now, going into the control room, and listening to what I played isolated out against the drums exposes things that would never get caught live.

Time to woodshed some more.