Phreaky Phriday – The Lost Earthsuit Record

In the beginning, before Mute Math began rokken the free world, and making news by suing Christian Labels, there was Earthsuit.

I first became aware of Earthsuit as one of my favorite, “Just staring at CDs waiting for something to jump out at me,” discoveries. There was this little record with a cool cover called Kaleidoscope Superior. I think what made me pick it up and buy it was a review from Kevin Max, then of DC Talk. I think his quote was something about Earthsuit being the white rabbit and he wanting to follow them all the way down into Wonderland. I was hooked.

It’s an amazing album. I still think it’s original sounding six years later. I saw Earthsuit only one time (father to come a fill us!) in the summer of 2001, whilst at Spirit West Coast with many of the regulars here at Addison. Earthsuit rocked us. I will forever get giggly at the fact that they dedicated one of the songs to, “All the Jennifers in the audience,” for no good reason. They were like a lightning bolt in the midst of the endless parade of “Track Monkeys.”

Of course, they were way to hip to survive in CCM. They were from New Orleans, for Pete’s sake.

They broke up, and some members reformed in other bands, most notably Mute Math, to whom I will forever be grateful for making the Keytar cool again. I mean, any band which has a ritual that involves the drummer duct taping his headphones to his head at the beginning of the show is pretty fan-freaking-tastic.

OK. So, one record. Until I found the Earthsuit Wikipedia page, and learned that there was a second album which was released independently in 2003. There were only 1,000 copies made.

Fortunately, with the internets being a series of tubes and whatnot, someone decided that the world at large needed to hear it. You can download the whole thing here, and the MP3s sound darn good. I have no idea if it’s legal. I do know that it rocks.

Happy Friday. I will be whipping up internet fan frenzy soon, never fear.

5 thoughts on “Phreaky Phriday – The Lost Earthsuit Record

  1. michael lee

    I can’t make it to the recording session next week. I’ll be too busy sitting in a small room with headphones, listening to brilliance, weeping for losses too o’erwhelming to speak.

  2. corey

    The review at the bottom of that download page mentions another band that faced the same demise, Luna Halo. I freakin loved their first record. They’re worth checking out. And if the disc is out of print, it makes me feel less guilty about burning copies and scanning the liner notes for all my peeps and all my homies.

    And Mike- be patient, young sidekick- one never knows if Rosy might duct tape his cans to his coconut and give you some brilliance about which to weep.

  3. Chad Post author

    Can we have them welded on?

    I mean. That would REALLY be rock and roll.

    I’m just sayin.

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