Phreaky Phriday : Shelley’s Anime

We have a friend of the blog (or, a FOTB) named Michelle Tumes. Shelley and her hubby Doug, while they do not participate in the blog itself, are members by proxy, because I say so.

Shelley has had a very successful career in CCM over the years. She was named Christian songwriter of the year in 2001 by ASCAP. It’s a significant achievement, in that the award is given to the writer with the most spins on Christian radio that year.

I was chatting with Doug online yesterday, and he mentioned that she had a large following in Asia, and then he casually suggested that I run a search for Michelle Tumes on You Tube.

Well. I did. And the result of that search brings us to the content of today’s Phreaky Phriday. Asians are weird. Enjoy.

P.S. This may be amusing only to those of us who know Shelley and Doug, so I apologize in advance if you find yourself scratching your head.

P.P.S. If you happen to ever meet Shelley or Doug, suggesting that she sounds like Enya will get you a polite (as she’s Aussie and all) ass beating.

6 thoughts on “Phreaky Phriday : Shelley’s Anime

  1. aly hawkins

    The craziest part is, the song kinda fits. (But that doesn’t take away from how bizarre it is to hear Shelley’s voice crooning on FF.)

  2. june

    As my five-year-old says, ‘I just don’t understand that in my head!’

    Enya sounds like Shelley.

    I knew Shelley way back in the Nashvegas days…aka: long long ago, in a galaxy far, far away… (or maybe it was only me who felt that living there was like being on another planet.)

  3. Matty

    Oh…June. You just made a terrible mistake.

    I once used “Shelley” and “Enya” in the same sentence.


    That aside…does Shelley have a video for “Missing You”? If not, I’d be happy to do it now that the Asians have done all of the storyboarding.

  4. Zack

    Asians, Asians, Asians…

    “We’re not talking about the guys who built the railroads, Walter”

    5 points goes to whoever gets that reference.

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