Addison Road Video Podcast: Matty’s Demo

So…here’s the story.

I worked for a mega-church from the day I got back from my honeymoon until last July (that’s 6-and-one-half years). Since then, I’ve been trying to run my production company, Doulos Multimedia (author’s note…ordinarily I’d tag the “Doulos Multimedia” with a link to my website, but it hasn’t been created yet). FYI — Doulos is pronounced DOO-lohs — it’s Greek for “servant”.

When people ask what I do, I usually answer with “Motion graphics for film and TV.”

“What the heck does that mean?”

“Funny you should ask. It means I create graphics that move (hence the ‘motion’) and edit videos for TV shows to promote quacks like this guy, documentaries about convicted former CEOs, and a slew of work for corporate training videos and events.”

When working for Calvary Community, I showcased my work in front of about 6000 people each weekend, so I got a lot of work from people saying, “Who did that baptism video? I need one just like it.” The word-of-mouth thing kept me riding pretty high on the hog (compared to church salaries) until two weeks ago, when I returned from two weeks of vacation — something about nobody doing the work that I could be doing while, instead, I’m tanning on a beach in Maui.

Suddenly, for the first time since I left the church, I’m on the offensive. So…the website is finally getting worked on. Phone calls are being made. And my demo finally got finished.

Cue Rod Serling: “Submitted for your approval: A short montage encapsulating the body of work done by Matty, a struggling artist. If done right, his children might eat this week. Done wrong, he may have to go out into the real world and find out what a music degree from Azusa Pacific is really for.”

I’m not really panhandling here. Just looking for some input from the creative community I have come to know and love as Addison. Feel free to chime in with suggestions, critiques, and dirty limericks.

You can check it out here.

Mike, feel free to edit the post at will. Aly, feel free to edit my grammar.

24 thoughts on “Addison Road Video Podcast: Matty’s Demo

  1. Stick

    Well done, dude. Nice stuff. I like that wedding image with the 3D rose petals.

    I’ve got nothing to offer. Well, unless you need music services to go with your graphic services. And if I needed graphic services I’d call you, but being the music guy, I’m usually the last in the commercials/industrials food chain. But seriously, if Professor Mike is too busy with his little school whatever-it-is and Chad is off playing Rock Star, give me a buzz… I dig doing music to picture.

  2. corey

    Matty, I’ll send it up the flagpole and see if anyone salutes. Obviously there’s no promises, but I’ll send it out. Before I do, are you looking to stay freelance or does the idea of working in-house appeal to you anymore?

    Great stuff. I like the wedding shot at the end, too.

  3. aly hawkins

    Wow! Great stuff, Matty. I’ll send it on to the peeps at GL to see if they need someone who can do this stuff.

    There was a vid guy named Matt
    Who made moving graphics look phat.
    He sent out his demo
    From the back of his limo
    Which was an old Merc Bobcat.

    Not dirty, I know. But it was the best I could do on short notice.

  4. Matty Post author

    Thanks for the replies (and the limerick), gang.

    Stick — I’m always looking for new music guys. Chad is way too expensive and Mike wants to jazz everything up. Divas.

    Corey — I like the freelance stuff (the ability to work from home is great) but I would definitely consider working in-house with the right people.

    Aly —

    A writer named Aly I know
    Was asked how her new book would go.
    “Though the writing is pure,”
    she said, chaste and demure,
    “It reads like a frickin’ porno!!!”

  5. Chad

    “Playing Rock Star” is the quote of this thread. Yeah… Im playing. You just better be “Playing SuperStar Mix Engineer” when I come your way. I will ride your ass like zorro.

  6. Daniel Semsen

    >>>find out what a music degree from Azusa Pacific is really for.”
    I love it–especeially the link to Chad’s picture…haha

    yeah, and super sweet images of the rose petals and water splashing. That was sweet.

  7. Chad

    What was the name of Zorro’s horse?

    Because that’s what you should name your studio, homes.

  8. Paul

    Speaking of Zorro, all of you professional musicians should be aware of the following lyrics which opened every episode of the Disney’s TV series in 1957. It provoked 3rd graders around the country to draw Zs on every available surface:

    Out of the night,
    When the full moon is bright,
    Comes the horseman known as Zorro.
    This bold renegade
    Carves a ‘Z’ with his blade,
    A ‘Z’ that stands for Zorro.

    Zorro, Zorro, the fox so cunning and free,
    Zorro, Zorro, who makes the sign of the ‘Z.’

    He is polite,
    But the wicked take flight
    When they catch the sight of Zorro.
    He’s friend of the weak,
    And the poor and the meek,
    This very unique señor Zorro.

    Zorro, Zorro, the fox so cunning and free,
    Zorro, Zorro, who makes the sign of the Z.

    Zorro, Zorro, Zorro, Zorro, Zorro.

    Lryics don’t get any zingier than these! All they need is a new catchy tune.

    (I always thought the third line was “…comes the horse unknown, and Zorro.” I could never figure out why Zorro didn’t know who his horse was.)

  9. aly hawkins

    Paul – Next time we barbecue at your house, we should have a TV theme-song sing-off, instead of revisiting classic James Taylor and Bon Jovi. (Though all the ones I know are from the 70s and 80s: Wonder Woman, The Muppet Show, Transformers, Great American Hero, Silver Spoons, Jem (“truly, truly, truly outrageous!”), Family Ties, Spiderman…oh, wait…is that 50s? Or 60s, maybe?)

    Anyway, I think we’ve just found our activity for the EOSBBQ. Maybe we could turn it into a drinking game?

  10. Paul

    Sounds good, especiallly if the EOSBBQ lands on a weekend when I’m not on call. (Labor Day weekend would be excellent.) However, my primary TV theme song expertise runs from about 1955 to 1965. I can do “Highway Patrol” or even “Science Fiction Theater” (theme only — no words, fortunately), or “Wyatt Earp” — wait’ll you hear the rhyming of “lawless” and “flawless” — but I wouldn’t have a clue about Wonder Woman or Transformers.

    Also, a grammar mistake — it should have read “every episode of the Disney TV series…”

  11. michael lee

    Thank you for making the correction, Paul. We here at The Road are sticklers for correct grammar, spelling, punktuachun, and typing. We feel strongly that any clerical or linguistic error immediately invalidates whatever point you were trying to make, and also, therefore, you as a person.

    Welcome back to the loving embrace of “alive to us”, Paul. Let’s chalk this on us to a lesson learned, and I trust you won’t be so cavalier with your possesive’s the next time around.

  12. Paul

    Glad to hear that Addison Road extends extra grace in all aspects of life. I’ve been laying awake worrying about errant apostraphes and proofreading malfuncitons.

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