The Zaky

No, not this Zacky. But this Zaky.

Apparently, it’s totally swell to let some plushy stuffed hands babysit your kid.

“The Zaky: an ergonomic pillow that simulates the weight, touch and feel of the hands of a caring parent.”

All I know, is that kid is gonna rack up some serious therapy bills over his lifetime…

Especially when I figure out how to make the hands move via remote control.  Maybe I’ll just call the Rubik’s Cube robot guys. They seem like a fun bunch.

5 thoughts on “The Zaky

  1. Sharolyn

    Although doing everything with one arm is fun, too.
    Do they make an adult-sized Zaky? Make it electronic, and I smell a new Sharper Image product.

  2. aly hawkins

    I don’t like them. These look like the hands of Ronald McDonal cupping the fragile parts of the baby, if Ronad McDonald wore khaki gloves instead of white, and also had no arms. I’m coming out strong against anything armless-clown-hand-related.

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