Mom and Dad in Peru

So, my mom and dad have taken a few weeks off from their busy schedule of taking cruises, watching sophia, and taking cruises to head down to Peru for a few weeks. They are part of a medical mission / work crew / sports camp team through Hope For Kids International. You can read the blog about the trip here. The “Mary” and “Howard” that they’re talking about are my folks, and Sharon is their friend that mom dragged along with them.

This is my dad, reff’ing a soccer game. Brought back memories of him coaching my AYSO team.

dad refmain-1.jpeg

One thought on “Mom and Dad in Peru

  1. Gretchen

    I’m pretty sure both Howie and Sharon were dragged along…but they sound like they’re loving it. Mike’s mom speak fluent Spanish and is also a nurse and loves being able to use her skills in missions realted areas. It looks like a cool trip.

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