I have a new favorite site. Chad, fasten your seatbelt. CCMPatrol. They review Contemporary Christian Music. Oh man, do they ever review it. The thing is, they actually like music, and they really do think that it’s possible to do good music in the CCM world. That’s what makes them so bitter (and funny) when bands do it poorly.

Part of their theory of CCM is that most songs today are written by an animatronic robot computer, which follows a strict formula for lyric writing:

The [violent weather metaphor] crashes to the [Psalmy landscape metaphor]
Sometimes I wish I could [Biblical miracle metaphor]
Just like [Biblical patriarch name ]
But I can’t because I’m only a [ man / woman / sinner ]

[ Praying / crying / calling out ] for [ sunshine / silver lining image ]
I want to see the [ positive weather metaphor ]
I want to see beyond the [ negative weather metaphor ]
[ First line of chorus ] + [ song title ]

Oh man, that’s good eats. Enjoy.

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9 thoughts on “ccmpatrol

  1. Chad

    Wow. You really do know me.

    This guy. My favorite. There is nothing more dangerous then a man who grew up loving CCM, making it part of his identity, and then emerging from the bubble. I mean… he actually refers to one artist (emulating Coldplay) as Christplay.

    I love this guy.

  2. michael lee Post author

    I stayed up last night and read his blog backwards from his most recent post to his first post. If this guys were local, he would be our people.

  3. Chad

    Oh, by the way, I still listen to those records from the early and mid 90s that I loved. They’re solid records. The trilogy of Susan Ashton’s first three albums, Wakened by the Wind, Angels of Mercy and the self-titled ones are still master level classes on writing and singing. Their only downfall is the same thing that nearly did in most records in the late 80s and early 90s.

    Snare reverb. Lots of it.

    Other then that? Killer stuff. Jesus Freak? That’s some rock and roll.

  4. Chad

    Oh no. He’s still our people. He’s getting an invite to the end of summer BBQ. If he’s smart, he’ll book a plane ticket.

  5. michael lee Post author

    Email him. For two reasons: 1, to invite him to the EOSBBQ, and second, you want him to like you before The Dailies Record comes out. His site is small right now, I think in 3 months it’ll be huuuuuge.

    Start the relationship now.

  6. Stick

    That is F U N N Y. I can only say that because I got George’s CCM record done and out and long gone before this guy was around. A quote from one of my lyrics on the record: “I heard a voice in a windstorm…” (And even funnier, a friend of mine swore it sounded like “I heard a voice in the restroom”.

  7. corey

    This site makes me very happy. Anyone who addresses a band and gives them the direct and declarative review, “you suck, you suck, you suck” is welcome in my home.

  8. patty chung


    I too love ccmpatrol. i feel like i’ve finally located a community of christians who feel the way i do. the fact that you love ccmpatrol gives me every confidence that you are the type of person i’d love to get a review from. you see i just completed a cd and i’d love to get some honest reviews. no, i’m not afraid of harsh reviews. i’m a big girl.
    i realize that every undiscovered group wants someone to review them. i do have a unique angle though. the kind of music i write is in a genre all its own. i take the old hymn verses, throw out the 300 year old melodies and set them to brand new music. i mean brand new melodies, fresh arrangements the works. i also write in all different genres. SUN OF MY SOUL by hymn factory is a collection of “modern classical songs (utilizing hymn verses)”. GUIDE ME, which is being repllicated is what i loosely describe as “melodious pop”. if you don’t want to have an idea of the kind of hymns i write, you can check out the following sites.

    after you’ve checked them out, if you’d like to receive the cds for review, please e-mail me. i’d be only too glad to send the cds to you.

    thanks for your kind attention. i’m really trying my best to get some reviews, get the music out so that people know about it.

    i wish you the best.

    patty chung
    composer and founder of hymn factory

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