More Sexy Goodness from My Lover is Mine

Thought I’d share some of Ramon’s latest illustrations for My Lover is Mine, our poetry/art adaptation of Song of Songs. These are not the final design layouts, they’re just paired with their poems so you can read what the illustration is, um…illustrating. (Click thumbnails for larger images.)

MLM final cover

MLM wandering

MLM lily thorns

MLM warrior

MLM maps legends

MLM pear tree

11 thoughts on “More Sexy Goodness from My Lover is Mine

  1. Jeremy

    That’s really really nice stuff. I’m into this. Poetry, art…so easy to do wrong. So hard to do right. Looks like you all are putting together one of the right ones. Taking pre-orders?

  2. aly hawkins Post author

    Glad you like ‘em, kids. I’m thinking we should do some kind of infomercial: “For you and that special someone…” Maybe not.

    Jeremy – you’re not kidding. Check this out.

  3. corey

    Actually, I think so much of the downfall of Poarty is the presentation. Some of the art is actually kinda cool, but when they had their junior high neighbor build it in “Web Designer!”, the application that they found in the checkout aisle at Walmart (between the astrological pamphlets and the pre-paid Donate-To-Poverty cards), it lost some of the credibility.

    Great artwork, by the way, Aly/ Ramon. You should be very proud of yourselves.

  4. Morphea

    I’m astonished both at the speed at which he’s working and at the…just…ROMANTIC themes he’s pulling out of his head. I mean, he’s not an unromantic guy, but you’d never know the depth of it if you hadn’t seen his work. Living with an artist is most enjoyable because I’d never see this peek at the beauty and sensuality in his head otherwise. Besides what I experience as his S.O., I mean.


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