8 thoughts on “We’ve been Researchenated!

  1. Bryan Murley

    Thanks for the encouragement … I think. ;-) BTW, as a second part of the research, I’m going to be contacting 20 randomly selected authors of that list for further interviews. I’ll keep your offer in mind.

  2. michael lee Post author

    Paul – There’s a site called http://www.Technorati.com that ranks blogs based on how many other blogs link to it. It sorts blogs based on primary topics, which is what makes it a good tool for seeing which sites are good starting places for different topics. You can see Addison Road’s technorati profile here.

    If you’re interested in reading more on the Emerging Church in particular, I would recommend a few sites as launch pads:

    Tall Skinny Kiwi (http://tallskinnykiwi.typepad.com). This is the blog of Andrew Jones, who was part of the movement before there was a movement to be a part of. He and his family have been church planters around the world, and they embody the kind of missional and community values that have become central to the ECM.

    Scot McKnight (http://www.jesuscreed.org). Scot was one of the first academic heavy-weights to positively engage the movement. He is the Chair of the Theology Department at North Park University in Chicago, and a well-respected author in New Testament studies. He wrote the book “Jesus Creed” which is a thoughtful look at the essential doctrinal implications of Jesus ministry. It articulates some of the core ideas in how the ECM views the gospel, thought I don’t think Scot would identify himself as being that central to the movement. In fact, he probably considers himself “sympathetic and hopeful toward” rather than “part of”. Which we like, because that sort of describes us too.

    I think those two sites are the exemplars of how blogging is significant within the movement – Andrew as a thinking practitioner who uses his blog as an extension of the community he’s developed in his mission work, and Scot as practicing thinker who uses his blog as a notepad for evolving ideas. Start there, then follow the link-rolls at both sites. It’ll lead you to some interesting places.

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