Ben Miller in Rio

Several months ago, I got an email from Ben Miller, who is a part of the community called Word Made Flesh in Rio De Janeiro. He lives and ministers among the poor in that country. He was writing to ask if they could use the song “Let Your Justice Roll” as the music behind a video they were putting together to try to raise awareness and support.

There are some creative works that cease to be yours as soon as they leave your pen. This is one of those songs. Of course I agreed, and asked Ben to send me a copy of the video when it was finished.

So, here is the video that they put together. I haven’t watched it all the way through yet – I’ve been reading enough of the stories behind the pictures from Ben and others that I get stuck half way through, and can’t finish it out.

Then earlier today, this post from Ben’s site, “… and again he asked why” showed up as a link back to Addison Road. You should read it. Then, maybe, you should go here. I’m preaching in 7 hours on heroes. On courage, honor, and sacrifice, and about the desperate need for heroes to go and stand in the gap, to defend the weak until the coming of the Kingdom of God. Ben is standing in that gap.

3 thoughts on “Ben Miller in Rio

  1. aly hawkins

    Oh, man. That’s hard and beautiful stuff. Thanks for sharing it, Michael (and Ben).

    May we be a wave of God’s rolling torrent of justice.

  2. Chad

    Can some of us be a wave of God’s rolling bit torrent of justice instead?

    Ok… silliness aside. I’ve always liked this song. I like even more hearing and seeing it with this imagery. Thanks for sharing it with us, Ben. May God richly use you in your place in the world.

  3. harmonicminer

    I looked at the financial records that Word Made Flesh (very transparently) has available on it’s website.

    They seem to be pretty efficient in resource use. Salaries are MINIMAL. Most of the money goes to the work. Oddly, they need to get a bit bigger in order to make the benefit/cost ratio even better.

    Let’s help them do that.

    Thanks, Mike

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