11 thoughts on “Sophia with Bear

  1. Chad

    Is that the slightest bit of peach fuzz coming in on her head? Bummer. Bald chicks are cool.

  2. corey

    Attention PETA and Greenpeace and Playskool…

    Bears WERE, in fact, hurt during the making of this video. Deal with it.

  3. Karen

    Thanks for the video Mike! :0) She is adorable. It is fun to see her moving around and hear her sweet little vioce instead of just a still picture!

  4. harmonicminer

    If you sneak in REAL close (within 6 inches or so), you can partake of baby aura. Baby’s are MUCH closer to God than the rest of us… when mine were that size, I used to just stick my head next to them and listen to them breathe.

    So… do you shave her head, or what?

  5. Matty

    Love it.

    Record that stuff. Write it down. Burn DVDs. Be COMPLETELY obnoxious about it!

    Mine are 5 1/2 and 3 and I’m amazed at how much of that stuff I have already forgotten…

  6. harmonicminer

    “Well,” he harumphed proudly, “MY first baby girl won the baldest baby contest at the age of 11 months from Foothill Presbyterian Hospitals annual baby celebration.”

    So there.

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