My Little BlackBook

OK, everyone together now: “Geek Out!”

I bought a new MacBook last night. And for anyone who has seen my dress sense, I did opt for the $200-more Black version. (The same model/specs are available in white for $200 less)

I’m not going to post some huge review, mentioning how I “love the new blah blah blah”. Instead, I am bummed. I am really friggin’ bummed. Why, you ask?

Because on the bench, my new MacBook is about as fast as my dual-processor G5 with 4 GB of RAM.

I think I spent nearly $5000 on that computer. And now this $1500 one is actually running certain apps faster. Lame!

But the envious stares have already started at Bent On Coffee….. And the built in iSight is kinda fun.

Photo 2.jpg

10 thoughts on “My Little BlackBook

  1. corey

    My order for the MacBook 17″ goes out tonight. We’re lighting some candles and we’re gonna make it a romantic Mac Nerd Marriage night. If I get lucky, in 9 months, I’ll have a bouncing baby mac that has retained at least a quarter of its value.

    Stick, I’m with you- Digidesign has estimated that Pro Tools will be available for the MBP by the end of the month, but something tells me it’ll be the end of June or so. That means my Grammy-winning vanity project will have to sit on hold for a month.

    Zack, congrats on the BlacMac. I went and checked it out last Tuesday when it came out. Very cool indeed. My first thought was to get one, but since ours will be replacing our G4 iBook and my G5 dual 2ghz, I figured we should super-size the meal and get the biggest n’ fastest. (*sarcasm alert*) I can’t wait to live out the next 60 days, watching my $3k laptop turn into a $1500 laptop.

  2. Stick

    Corey, my issue is that I’ve got 3 PCIx cards that provide the juice. Somehow I doubt they’ll ever squeeze ‘em down that small. ‘Course I’m sure the next Mac revision’s CPU will have enough juice to just toss the HD Accel cards in the toaster.

    BTW, did you sell the G5 yet? I’m still very much in the market… I’ve just gotta get some cash out of a gear deal that’s been in the works for months. I figure if I wait long enough you’ll have to pay me to take it.

  3. corey

    This is quickly turning into a flea market.

    (still for sale. I’m keeping it long enough to use Migration Assistant to get the files onto the MBP. I also might keep it long enough to keep tracking while ProTools is yet unavailable for the intel Macs.)

  4. Stick

    Well, I WAS going to sell my beloved Drawmer 1960, but decided I should get it fixed up first. So, I sent it out to this guy who fixed it then tried to send it back to me very unsuccessfully, for months. So, now I’m supposed to be getting the insurance settlement back from him. When that shows up, I’ll likely buy Corey’s G5. Then I’ll sell my Dual 1.25 G4.

  5. Matty

    So, Zack…

    Saw one of the Black PB’s…

    For some reason I thought it would be bigger than the white ones.


    (Legal disclaimer: Matty is functioning on one hour of sleep, sitting in the Houston airport, and is one sip away from finishing a Presidente margarita. The opinions of the current Matty may or may not reflect the opinions of the much more sober Matty.)

  6. Zack Post author

    Yeah, 13.3 inches isn’t all that big. But once again, it’s how you use it. (I can’t believe I just used that joke. I should be smarter/wittier/better/more gooder/most bestest than that)

    And I got you beat, Matt. I’m about to go drink an unknown amount of wine in some vinyard in Livermore, CA.

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