20c Music

for anyone who has ever had to read through a muddled pretencious 20th century composition, enjoy. Be sure to read the instructions throughout the score. Sharolyn, make sure Jason sees this. And Phil, didn’t you do the copy-work on this piece?

9 thoughts on “20c Music

  1. Stick

    “Lakers in 6″, “release the penguins”, and “opt. shoe horn” are my favorites.


  2. harmonicminer

    Actually, this has been hanging in the music lab at APU for a year or so. I bought a copy of it several years ago. Check out the date: it’s 1980! Way before there was any useful computer software for notation. Can you imagine how long somebody spent engraving this?

    Compositionally speaking, I find it to be balanced, motivic, expressive, lyrical, profound, colorful, nuanced, charming, expansive, unified and contrasting. I have seen (no kidding) scores more complex and confounding than this… that are taken seriously. Now THAT’s funny.

    My personal favorite is “If there is a 3rd clarinet, some violins may go”. That’s a typo, of course, and was meant to refer to violas.

  3. rod

    actually, I think that would be easier to engrave without software. There are so many defaults and work arounds in the software, I can’t imagine. The piece is wonderful though. Having just finished teaching Theory 4, heavy with 20c, and receiving final projects on Friday, well it’s not much different than some of what I received.

  4. Sharolyn

    I had to look up “dirigible” in the dictionary.
    I also enjoyed the technical phrase “bow real fast”.

  5. Sharolyn

    Jason had already seen it, but was touched that he was thought of on the blog. :)

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