Shameless Self-Promotion: 1/8/2007

Remember this? Well, here’s the cover. (Ramon rulz.)

MLM cover

And here’s us:

Ash & Aly Ramon

And here’s the excerpt that will be on the back cover (I think):

Brand me over your heart
ink me on your skin
for love is strong as death
possessing long past the grave
burning in everlasting flame
beyond the boundary of the sky
vast oceans cannot quench it
wild rivers cannot wash it away
and it will not be bought

It must be kept safe—
walled up
until the lover

15 thoughts on “Shameless Self-Promotion: 1/8/2007

  1. corey

    whoa. TOTALLY had this one wrong. I thought it was a children’s book. Note to self: change item #7 on all three kids’ Christmas lists.

  2. Chad


    You guys look really sessy. The Slice of Laodicea people are really going to be pissed off!

  3. aly hawkins

    Sorry, Morph…he’s taken.

    BTW, ht to our good friend Jason for making us look all good and stuff. And kudos to Cerise for doing the same for Ramon (not that he needed the help).

  4. aly hawkins Post author

    Totally pleased. I’m still a little bemused at the good fortune (dumb luck?) of Ramon agreeing to do the art and design. Ash & I have long said we will ride our friends’ coattails to glory.

  5. Vanessa

    YEAH!! Just so you know, I tend to be a bit of a sales person…everyone I know will have a copy of this book by February! I am so excited for you guys. Hey, can we get autographed copies? :)

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