We [Heart] Lucy

Last night Lucy baptized Michael & Gretchen’s kitchen in the triune-name of Over-Excitement, Insecurity and Misplaced Submission. But we still think she’s the cutest thing since Barbie-sized sliced bread. (Hopefully we won’t lose too many more friends before she’s housetrained.) Here she is in all her floppy-eared glory.

The Amazing Lucy

Lucy, Up Close and Personal

And just for good measure, here is our new and improved living room (remember how we installed laminate flooring and got new furniture?). I’m including this picture because some of you have asked to see the spectacular results of our Herculean efforts, and for posterity’s sake just in case Lucy turns out to have a really, really destructive streak. The pic’s a bit dark, but use the imaginations God gave you.
The Hawkins-Ashmore Pad

26 thoughts on “We [Heart] Lucy

  1. aly hawkins Post author

    I forgot to mention another benefit to The Era of Lucy: Our neighborhood freakin’ rocks! I’ve walked along the beach and around the ‘hood twice a day for three days running, and I gotta tell that I’m a schmuck for not getting out more before now. Thank God for a great excuse. And for biodegradable poop baggies.

  2. harmonicminer

    Top picture looks vaguely demonic…. something about the eyes?

    Bottom picture looks more like those dogs with the swinging heads you see in the back of 57 ‘Chevys.

    Aly… you notice Gretchen forgave Lucy…. but not YOU.

    Sometimes it’s what you don’t say that matters….


    Now I want another puppy…. but one that looks like a dog.

    Didn’t I see a picture of Lucy at Wienershchnitzel?

    I know a place in Norco that trains dogs for $3000.

    So, is she named after Lucille Ball? Lucretia Borgia? Lucky Suarez?

    I’d maybe have her declawed, what with the leather and hardwood…. or maybe just get those little doggie booties about the size of a dime bag.

    Better yet, sell the dog for a dime, climb into a time machine, go back to 1958, and buy a cup of coffee while you watch a Lucille Ball episode… or read the paper about Russians putting dogs in orbit… hey, now THERE’s an idea….

    I hope you’ll forgive me…. I had a faculty meeting today…. which always leaves me in a bitter, vindictive mood.

    Oh, well… I don’t think you know where I live, at least. Besides… I have REAL dogs that would warn me…. well, actually, they just bark to let me know they’ve eaten another trespasser….

  3. Sharolyn

    If it makes Gretchen feel better, Tom and Brandy’s dog sat on our puppy (no foul play) and left him screaming with a hind leg dangling from his body just as we were sitting down to dinner. At 2:30 AM Tom and Jason came back from the pet E.R. and ate the food. Two days later our dog went through a surgery that paid for the marble fountain in the pet hospital’s waiting room. He needed constant attention for about a month, as he couldn’t potty by himself.

    Eight months later we gave him away. (That was 2 years ago.)

    We are all still friends, but I watch their kid with ours. (Kidding.) I’d take the pee on the floor. Speaking of which, good timing, Bryan and Aly, on trading in carpet for laminate. It’s much less absorbent.

  4. Morphea

    Oh, Aly, what a beautiful animal! She’s so delicate and pretty and that shading around her eyes and nose is the greatest. And her ears are breaking my heart. The laminate’s not half bad either.

    Wait a minute – is she already banished to the balcony?

    Phil, for the love of god. Say something…I don’t know…NOT AWFUL. Please?

  5. rdeslauriers

    Aly. I can’t wait to meet Lucy. She looks so freakin’ cute. And I’m digging the new room look too.

    Whose this Harmonicminer person anyway? I’ve never heard such a clever name.

    I hope you’ll forgive the sarcasm… I just completed six cover designs for our upcoming book… which always leaves me feeling sweet ‘n sour.

    Tah tah.

  6. Ash


    “Lucky Suarez” definitely should have been in contention as it is a fantastic name!

  7. aly hawkins Post author

    Ramon…sarcasm is not only forgiven, it is highly applauded. Especially when you’ve been working your ass off like you’ve been!

    Phil…dude, you have GOT to get a little optimism in your life.

    Cerise…no, she’s not banished anywhere. She hangs out with us on the balcony, but she kicks it inside when we’re not. She DOES have a kennel, where she sleeps at night and when we’re out of the house, mostly for the sake of the kitties.

    BTW…yesterday was Accident Free Day. We had a party, and we’re hoping for a repeat celebration tonight.

  8. Morphea

    Yay, Lucy! Clever girl you are. So, does she wiggle around when you pet or hold her? I love that about little dogs. But then, I love everthing about dogs. Except the drool.

    Well, good, I didn’t really think you guys were the banishing types. And the balcony would be a rotten place for banishment, anyway. Hey, who wouldn’t want to hang out there? That’s where I always picture you guys. [sigh] I have to smoke on the landing of our fire escape stairs. Which is nowhere near our apartment. Wonder if they’d let me put a plant out there.

    Yes, Ramon has had it a bit rough lately, but remember that this is what he likes to do. But he’s definitely in need of a break. Why, last night we were lounging on the couch and pretending that we were comfortable enough to just sleep there for the night, which began a session of fake-snoring and giggling on both our parts. It was weird – he never giggles. Except when he’s high.

  9. aly hawkins Post author

    Probably, yes. She will love you because she likes to be manhandled like a dog…as opposed to the cats, who do not appreciate it.

    Where have you been? Are you guys okay?

  10. Chad

    We’re cool!

    We’re actually beginning vocal tracking today! I have decided to humble myself before the blog and start posting work in progress songs so everyone can hear the process, and also make mean comments.

    I know I have been a little distant… just an insane three weeks… easter right into Agape Singers mini tour into a full weekend of tracking. Nutz. You know it’s a stressful week when you’re looking forward to your planned break, which involves seeing a movie about 9/11.

  11. Karen

    Lucy is adorable! I hope you can get her potty trained quickly so there are no more incidents. :0)
    We got a puppy today….Bobby has wanted a puppy from day one but I am not really a dog person. That whole being bit by a dog thing kind of turned me off. But, she is a german shepard and like everything else we have we got her at a yard sale. She was free and has already cost us $63 for her essentials. Ok, and she just peed on the carpet….Bobby is cleaning it up. Now if we can get her to sleep in the crate tonight we will be good to go! If you remember our cat Bean, she is not a fan of the puppy. She has ventured downstairs a couple of times but has not stayed.

  12. harmonicminer

    Thanks Morphea… that one made me laugh out loud.

    I wonder if dogs can bark in Chinese?

    OK… true confessions. I had a dog named Phreddi. He looked like a blend of Benji and Boomer, which is to say, a stuffed animal. He weighed maybe 15 pounds, soaking wet… which he was fairly often. He used to attack grass sprinkler systems at APU, after he felt attacked by one… he assumed they were all out to get him. He could catch a ball on the rebound off a wall, thown as hard as I can, while twisting in the air. He used to go to all my classes with me… and was very friendly to all until a mean music major harassed him (as I recall, that particular music major is now a truck driver…. or will be again when he gets out of jail) … after which all students learned to leave Phreddi alone. He literally went just about everywhere with me for most of his life. He would wiggle his ears when I played a student exercise in class that had parallel fifths in it. (I know, I know…. maybe he was responding to some unconcsious cue I was giving him… but you should have seen students react.)

    I made the mistake of letting my ex babysit him…. with whom he was very familiar, having lived with her a few years. She couldn’t figure out how to keep him in her back yard…. which is to say, he ran away from her…. for which I can’t blame him. He was 14 at the time, and showed no signs of ill health or slowing down. I could never find him, though I checked every animal shelter/pound/hit dog report in the area. NEVER give your dog to your ex for the weekend.

    I will always cherish the day Phreddi growled and snapped at a former Dean of the School of Music.

  13. aly hawkins Post author

    “Did you know bees and dogs can smell fear?”

    Lucy is an excellent judge of character. (She’s very advanced.) Tonight while hanging in the living room, she didn’t bark at the pizza guy bringing dinner, but she did bark when the funky crack-dealer guy walked past our door to his place further down. Did I mention she’s very advanced?

  14. aly hawkins Post author

    Duh, Michael. NO. Lucy doesn’t eat people food. She didn’t bark at the pizza guy because he was an honest, hard-working American.

  15. harmonicminer

    I’ll bet the crack dealer is American, works hard, and gives fair value for purchase price (or he wouldn’t have repeat business…).

    Shoot… he probably has a dog. Two.

  16. aly hawkins Post author

    Good point, Phil. Of course, the most important word is HONEST, and I’m willing to bet the crack dealer doesn’t write “crack dealer” on forms that ask for his job title, and I’m further willing to bet he doesn’t report all his hard-won earnings to the IRS. But I’m sure he’s very enterprising and an excellent businessman. Maybe EXXON is looking for a new Chairman. [Insert annoying smiley here.]

  17. harmonicminer

    Hmm.. he probably doesn’t fill out forms involving job titles.

    He probably doesn’t report ANY earnings to the IRS… which makes him a model of non-violent resistance to THE MAN, in the civil disobedience tradition of MLK, Jr.

    I’m sure he’s very honest regarding promises he makes… if he says he’s gonna kill you, he probably will.

    Anyway, what business of the government’s is it what money anyone makes, or what people put in their bodies? Haven’t they ever heard of the right to privacy?

    The very idea. Shades of Orwell.

    The best thing would be for the government to nationalize the oil companies. That’s what every other advanced nation seems to be doing. That way, instead of one guy who gets $400,000,000, we could have 4,000 guys running the company who each get $100,000. That would reduce the gap between rich and poor, and shared decision making is always better. The notion that anyone should make a profit off the oil needs of others is obscene, anyway.

    Lucy could be the mascot of the new national oil company. She could be sergeant at arms for meetings of the 4,000 executives. She could identify places where drilling should take place by marking the spot. You know: number one means drill here (and she’s helped by killing innocent vegetation that was in the way), and number two means don’t drill here (and she’s helped by providing fertilizer for the garden that’s going here).

    I’ll bet that crack dealer would straighten up and fly right if Lucy growled at him. I know I would.

  18. Morphea

    The Awesome-Chives! strike again. Phil (Phil? Hello?) and Aly had this whole funny conversation that I missed and I never read that sweet story about Phreddi. Dude, where you at?

  19. aly hawkins Post author

    Cerise, am I crazy, or are you expressing regret that Phil hasn’t been around much? Is it Opposite Day and nobody told me?

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