Agnus Dei, Miserere Nobis

We’re bringing a little bit of Good Friday into Easter this year, at our church. We’re performing this piece live, with this video (some edits yet to be done) on screen in sync. Click image below to view it.

Picture 1-19

(Requires Quicktime)(Oh, and for some reason, Safari hates it. You’d think Apple’s native browser would work with their proprietary encoding, but alas, that would make too much sense. Use Firefox)

17 thoughts on “Agnus Dei, Miserere Nobis

  1. [jesse]

    I’m thinking…a visit to Dargen’s and a homemade martini later I want to be sure. No, I’m sure, I’m moved. What does the cross mean to you. Have mercy on us, have mercy on us. Is it your sure fire guarantee into into a rich paradise or is it your hope in the mercy of God? “Remember me in paradise” such humility, so much I don’t have anything, please love me.
    Anyway…thanks and can i steal it via qtime pro?

  2. Morphea

    Wow, Michael. That’s really beautiful and…visceral. Being the shi-shi-la-la person that I am, my favorite images were the tattoos and the real dude standing with his arms spread. How cool are you?

  3. Morphea

    What’s another word for “visceral”?’s thesaurus totally let me down.

    Who’s got a fancy-schmantzy word for me? And don’t say “deep”.

  4. Morphea

    Right – which is not what I was going for at all. I guess the only word that means “visceral” is “visceral”. Pity – it’s such a good descriptor.

    And may I just say that Ash is the KING of the vocal break-release? Go back and listen to the last note, people. Learn. Be overwhelmed.

  5. Morphea

    I’m bring this back up because Ash is god (A god – not THE god) and so is Michael – pretty sure those are his bgvs – and I really, really wanted to hear/see this today.

    Listen again. Be overwhelmed. Again.


  6. Cerise

    I hope this isn’t too irritating, but I’m bumping this sucka again. Because Ash and Mike are gods. And I know I said this already, but really turn up the volume as you listen to the last note. Ash’s release will change your life.

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