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So, remember how last year about this time we celebrated Michael’s last day of school at Talbot, when he earned his Masters of Theology? And remember (some of you) how the year before, Gretchen got her Masters in Education? And remember (probably not many of you) how the year before that, my Mom got her PhD in Intercultural Studies and Missions?

Yes, here at Addison Road, we believe in higher education. That’s why I have officially enrolled here, so that I can finish my G.E. requirements to transfer into the English Composition program here. The good news is, 68 of my 129 previously completed college units will transfer. The bad news is, 61 (and $30,000) of them won’t. If only I had taken Literary Theory and Perspectives in Multicultural Literature instead of Counterpoint and Orchestration…

And if only I had known I’m better at English than I am at Music. Oh, well. The fact that my mom was 32 when she earned her Bachelor’s Degree (begun in 1971 in Music and finished in 1984 in Biblical Studies) gives me oodles of hope. Late bloomers, unite!

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  1. Karen

    Yeah for higher education! I am glad many of your credits transferred. I don’t know too many people that are doing what they went to college for. I found out late that I was much better at Student Development than music. Those pesky theory classes and piano proficiency almost kept me from graduating.
    Good luck! You will be great!

  2. harmonicminer

    My dad was getting his master’s degree at the age of 60 while I was 20 … we literally went to college together… he was switching careers…

    Try not to think of all that music education as wasted. Consider it to be something you can bring to the other area of study.

    If I didn’t think that way, I’d have to drown myself… At last count, I have about 280 college and graduate units… all of which contributed something to what I am (like THAT’s a recommendation…), but most of which are not directly on point for much of what I actually DO (and I include a lot of the MUSIC units in that). I probably use my C skills in object oriented programming about as often as you orchestrate. But I wouldn’t want not to have studied it…

    Keep pounding that computer keyboard…

    BTW… grad school is much like being a hostage. You tend to start identifying with your captors, even seeing the world through their eyes, because its the only way you can survive…. That’s why there are so many Ph.D.s abusing language, talking about things that never existed and never will, and kidding themselves that they’re doing “critical thinking” while they make up new words for old ideas, and misuse old words as if they now mean something new.

    Most hostage takers have been hostages.

    Hang on to yourself.

  3. michael lee

    I’m proud of you Aly.

    And take heart – even those of us doing things more or less in line with our music degrees have found very, very little use for Counterpoint. I think the only good it ever did me was that I once made $50 and got a car detailed in exchange for doing someone else’s final project for Phil’s counterpoint class.

  4. Gretchen

    Good on ya Aly. You’ve been talking about doing this for a while, I’m proud of you for doing it. It’ll be great. I’d love to sit in on a class with you, while you open the eyes of all those young Ventura College freshman with your “worldly” knowledge and insight. I think you’ll have fun. Think how much easier papers are going to be…

  5. Morphea

    Dood, kick ASS!! I’m SO proud of you. I’ve always longed for another chance to go back and take classes now that I’m not a total daddy’s-paying-for-college sa-lacker. Get in there and OWN the material (as my Music History prof used to say), mon amie.

    You know, my BA in music is doing squat for me professionally and I’m going to be paying my loans back until I’m 50 (not an exaggeration), but I still think it was totally worth it. I mean, the math Gen Ed obviously didn’t take (wait, I think I get it. Is 2 a prime number? If not, happy 28th, Gretchen.), but I’m still what you’d call reasonably well-educated and I thank college for that, flunking my first go at Music History notwithstanding.

    And one more thing…you actually TOOK counterpoint? Gawd – I had a section of it in Advanced Theory and wanted to effing kill myself.

    Many silly things said. Still too proud of yo’ ass for words.

  6. Gretchen

    Morph (1 2 3 5 7 11=29 then plus a year=30 “the big one” )
    Prime numbers, any number that is divisable only by itself and 1. Just FYI :)

  7. Ash


    “I once made $50 and got a car detailed in exchange for doing someone else’s final project for Phil’s counterpoint class.”

    Might this certain someone also be known for digging holes in Unity Candles?


  8. aly hawkins Post author

    Yes, and now Michael’s karma kicks in.

    Thanks for the encouragement, everybody. I feel weird about being in classes with hormonal 18 year olds, but the upside is, I got hit on by a couple of freshman football players at orientation on Saturday. That would have never happened when I was 18. Just call me Cougar…

  9. aly hawkins Post author

    No, I was an 18-year old music nerd from Africa who had missed the shift from Guns n’ Roses to Nirvana. But thank you for the vote of confidence.

  10. harmonicminer

    What’s nirvana? Is this some east asian religion thing? That’s very disappointing…

  11. Morphea

    I’m sorry, I didn’t think cultural ignorance counted against your hotness level. Besides, lots of the guys in my Freshman year in college though my being totally out of it rather charming…

    Dude, you landed Hilda. That’s got to count for something. [laughs wickedly[

  12. aly hawkins Post author

    I was 17 then, Wickedly Laughing One. My hotness quotient diminished significantly between 17 and 18, mostly due to reading Betty Friedan and listening to Joni Mitchell. Freshman guys like stupid and happy. (Which begs the question: Why the hell did they hit on me last Saturday? Happy, yeah… stupid, not on purpose.)

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