Do your duty.

Sign here. Or just be amused that the person who started it is under the impression that it could work.

4 thoughts on “Do your duty.

  1. Morphea

    Yes, the comments section was easily the most interesting and telling part of the site.

    “Spread the LOVE of God, you big dummy. You’re making the rest of us look bad!”

    Well, if we didn’t laugh at ourselves, we’d probably all drop our toasters in the bathwater…

  2. Doug

    ABC’s World News Tonight did a piece this evening that focused on the efforts of Vision America; a conservative political/religious group whose mission is “to inform, encourage and mobilize pastors and their congregations to be proactive in restoring Judeo-Christian values to the moral and civic framework in their communities, states, and our nation.” The leaders of this organization recently held an event that declared there is a “War against Christians” going on in this country. They encouraged the faithful to enlist to fight in this war.
    I think such rhetoric propagates the same kinds of impressions about Christians that Pat’s proclamations do.
    Perhaps we need to remember that the kingdom of God does not belong to a political party nor will it be advanced by might or political power.

  3. Phil Shackleton

    Yep… the Rev. Robertson does indeed go right over the top of the tent sometimes. Sometimes I literally wince…. on one occasion, I was heard to emit a soft moan.

    My personal favorite was the hurricane comment.

    Having said that: check out he link below. I did, not trusting ABC’s news coverage to very objective.

    I might not agree with the balance on every single issue they present… but in general, I find more to like than dislike… which I can’t say of the standard media reporting on Christian related topics.

    Equating Pat Roberts with all “conservative Christians”, which the media loves to do when he makes no sense (they don’t report the many times that he does), is simply wrongheaded. Makes about as much sense as equating Harry Belafonte’s comments on “house Negroes” in relation to the Bush administration as reflective of the political left’s common point of view…

    That one made me wince and moan at the same time.

    It’s raining and windy in Azusa tonight… I wonder what I did wrong TODAY!?!?!?

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