On Long Roads

Kyrie Yeshua

For gnarled hands bent
in prayer
by supplications and rites bent
by 60 years of travel down long roads bent

For old children
With young hearts

For old children
With faith etched on their hands
and heads
and joy-drenched faces

For old children
bent toward you
as towering oaks toward the sun

We your young children give thanks

5 thoughts on “On Long Roads

  1. harmonicminer

    It’s beautiful, Mike. I was very fortunate to be blessed with two parents like that. An undeserved gift… because Someone knew that I was weak enough that I needed that kind of headstart.

  2. Gretchen

    My grandmother Doris could have been the model for the picture above. I am so thankful for her relationship with Christ and what an example she was to my mom and later to me. I miss her. I too am very blessed to have two parents that are followers of Christ and have very much helped to shape the relationship I have with God today.

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