On Sophia’s Dedication

Kyrie Yeshua

Bind to you this daughter of Eve
Child of your children
Loved as you taught us to love

Pull out a chair at your great table
Let her sit in the circle of your grace
Spread wide the canopy of covenant
And walk with her into that great feast

Let her drink in the wonder of your holiness
Let her eat the bread of righteousness
Let her sink into the waters
And rise again a new creation

Oh God, my God
The God of my wife, and her father, and her mother

Oh God, my God
The God of my father, and his father before him
The God of my mother, and her mother before her

Be the God of our daughter
That she may grow in your wisdom
And live in your grace

6 thoughts on “On Sophia’s Dedication

  1. aly hawkins

    Sophia Grace, may you grow in both under the wide tent of your heavenly Father’s and your human parents’ love.

  2. mlee

    I wish you all could have been there yesterday. It was beautiful.

    When our church prays for people, we often gather around and lay hands on that person. To see Sophia surrounded by her community of faith, them reaching out toward her in support, lifting her up to God, and praying for God’s strength and wisdom for us as we raise her – it was and awe-filled moment for us.

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