Why God is a Seahawks Fan

So here I am, writing a post. Why, after being encouraged by my husband a plethora of times, do I finally write now? Well, two reasons. My team, the Seahawks, are going to the Superbowl, and I want you all to learn how cool the coach and his family are so you’ll be fans by Sunday.

My family has a cabin in the Santa Cruz mountains where I met my best friend Emily and her family when I was two. Emily Holmgren’s family also owns a cabin in Mission Springs and we spent every summer together. Emily’s dad is a football coach. More specifically, her dad Mike is the coach of the Seattle Seahawks. So over the years, our family has followed Holmgren’s career. We’ve been 49er fans, Green Bay Packer fans, and now for the last 7 years, Seahawks fans. And proud of it.

Tonight my husband Mike and I were watching ABCs World News Tonight, and lo’ and behold the story of the night is on the Holmgren family. While Coach Holmgren gets his Seahawks ready in Detroit for Super Bowl XL this Sunday, his wife Kathy and their oldest daughter Calla are in the Congo. Kathy is a nurse, and was a missionary in the Congo before getting married and having children. Calla is an OB/Gyn specializing in high risk deliveries. The two of them are going to the Congo on a medical mission for the next two weeks. How can they possibly leave Mike and the team at the height of the season? Simple. They recognize that there are more important things than football. They want to help save lives instead of simply entertaining people. Is football still important to them and their family? Absolutely. But this family has it’s priorities straight and is being an awesome witness in the process.

See the ABC story here: text / video.

26 thoughts on “Why God is a Seahawks Fan

  1. michael lee

    Welcome to the blog, my love.

    The Holmgren’s are such great people, but every time I’m around Mike, I revert to being the high school Drum Major hanging out with the varsity quarterback. Nothing reminds me of how nerd I am like being around a guy with a fistfull of Superbowl rings.

  2. Stick

    That’s very cool… well, yeah, it’s very cool you know famous people, but way more cool that they’re cool. (I think I need a few more uses of the word “cool” in this comment.)

    You were the drum major?! Man, I thought HE was cool…

  3. Morphea

    Well, I’m not going to argue with god being a Seahawks fan. Though I’m not a Seahawks FAN, per se (since I’m not a football fan), I’m proud of them, happy for them (watching Holmgren leaving the stadium being booed by their ‘real’ fans in previous seasons broke my heart) and hope to god somebody crushes Porter’s windpipe so he’ll shut the hell up already.

    Wow, you know the Holmgrens? That’s so cool. And Congo, huh? I used to live there, you know…this is my teensy brush with greatness. Holmgren is god. A god – not THE god.


  4. Chad

    So, who gets to write the sarcastic, biting, irony laced bio for Gretchen? I just don’t know if I have it in me. She’s… well… she’s nice. What are we going to do?

  5. june

    I’ve never been a footbal fan, of any kind, but this new information may just change me. AND, it comes from a cute mom holding a cute baby…THAT I simply cannot resist! Not that all the deep thinking, witty writing, profound emergentness of all the other posts isn’t appealing, but hey, who can resist a sweet-cheeked lil’ drooler? (The babe, not you Gretchen.) Not I, Not I. Perhaps I’ll gather round my males and tune in tomorrow.

  6. michael lee

    sorry cerise, I guess now it’s automatically moderating everything you write. See what you get for teasing the blog? The blog is now angry, and it’s being petty and mean. I hope you’re happy.

  7. Karen

    We will be hanging out with some friends cheering on the Seahawks tomorrow as well. We already liked them (Bobby being from the Pacific Northwest and all) better than Pittsburgh but now we have an even better reason. Thanks for sharing Gretchen! :0)

    After reading all of the bios I am not sure any of them are terribly off base.. :0)

  8. Morphea

    Whoa, Karen said it! So true, so true. MWA-ha-ha-ha-haaaaa!

    I have angered the blog. May Almighty God shield me from its wrath.


  9. Gretchen Post author

    amen, Bobby, amen.
    Okay, I won’t be that girl who complains about the refs blowing the game. There were some bum calls. But there were also a few sacks, slow plays, interception at the 5 yard line… but in all fairness, the Seahawks should have had 7 more points on the board. Good game, a few funny commercials, definite day of entertainment. Anyone catch the pre-game “Follow the Holmgren Women around the Congo for the day” segment? Bet they loved that.

  10. Stick

    Yeah, definitely a few bad calls… that stopped touchdown was mighty questionable.

    And of course, the Creaking Fogies, err… Rolling Stones were, well, Rock-n-Roll I guess.

    My “Stick Superbowl Ad Award” goes to the FedEx one, even though the “numbers” say “Magic Fridge” was the big winner.

  11. aly hawkins

    Stick, you are indisputably correct in your assesment of the Fed-Ex add. Let it be be known that I officially appreciate your taste in commercialism.

  12. Bobby

    I was a big fan of the “Crime Deterrent” phone. Nothing like senseless and random physical violence to spice up a game of football.

  13. Stick

    See now, I supposed my judgement is slightly skewed because I got up to change the toddler’s diaper during “Crime Deterrent”… surely it wasn’t as funny as FedEx.

    Ash, don’t worry, your wise assesment is no less correct coming from you.

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