New Project – Name it!

Ok, give me the advantage of your undefiled hipness, my friends. Which of the following two names do you like best? Don’t analyze it, don’t overthink it, just tell me which of the two you like on first reading. I’ll drop more info on the project later.

(ED: this poll has closed. Thanks for voting! See the results here.)

6 thoughts on “New Project – Name it!

  1. Jonathan

    Is it a boy or a girl? Knowing that would help, I think.

    My hipness has been defiled, I’m so not qualified to vote.

  2. Stick

    Well, clearly it has to do with your sinister attempt to take over the television, film and internet video industry with a Lee-headed media conglomerate driven by a team of talent the likes of which the world has never seen. Skywalker Ranch? Baby stuff. ILM? Whatever. Pixar? Amateurs.

    Of course, the fact that it’s 30 drop or non-drop would imply something other than film, as that’s 24 fps, and TV is 29.97, so hmmm… maybe it is the nu-media thing… but, then why would you bother with the drop? And that’s why I voted for the “no DROP”. Well, and the fact that it sort of sounds like you wouldn’t “drop” the ball if you actually did get a real gig. “drop FRAME” sort of has a negative subliminal connotation.

    Hey, I’ve got a $500 MiniDV camera! Can I be in the movie?

  3. aly hawkins

    Ummm…enough suspense. What the hell is this?

    I voted for “no DROP” as well. I think it feels vaguely urban-hip-hoppy. (If that’s no what you’re going for – and obviously there’s no way for me to know! – you might want to reconsider.)

  4. Chad

    I think this might be Mike’s announcement that he’s finally heeding the call to hip hop superstardom.

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