Welcome to the Road House

Hello. Welcome to our blog. And a special welcome to those of you tuning in from home. I see that hand.

In the past week or so, several hundred of you have stumbled upon our little blog, and decided to stick around. I’m glad that you’re here. I hope you enjoy it. We’ve enjoyed making it.

I thought this would be a good time to do a blog freshman orientation. Some of you are here because you know us. Many of you are here because you linked in to one of our posts. A few of you are here as part of your court-mandated sensitivity training (hey, bobby). However you got here, I thought you might like to know what this place is all about.


Seriously. That’s the whole thing. There are a lot of people who use blogs like a newspaper, or an academic journal. Some people use them like a bullhorn or a pulpit. For a lot of people, it’s an online diary for them to share their innermost thoughts, like they suddenly ran out of “Hello Kitty” stationary, and decided to fire up a blogspot account instead. We are none of those things. Or, I guess, more precisely, we are all of those things, with no particular interest in doing any one of them well.

This blog is more like … a backyard BBQ. We are a group of people who love to hang out together, think we’re funny, like the same stuff, and are narcissistic enough to think that other people want to listen to every fascinating thing we think about everything. When we’re not doing this, we produce music, write books, teach graduate courses, tweak code, lead worship, and edit video content, all of which somehow fails to make us fabulously wealthy.

We are a study in contrast. We are fascinated by (and sympathetic toward) the emerging church movement, even though most of us worship and work in more traditional (ha!) seeker/purpose/modern churches. We find fundamentalism sickeningly fascinating, mostly because it reminds us so much of our childhoods (and, to be honest, some of our still cherished beliefs). We vote, but we usually hold our noses while we do it. We love music, and wish our churches were better at it. But we also wish it weren’t the only art form our congregations were comfortable worshiping in. We are all quitting smoking. Tomorrow. We like movies (and films), books (and literature), songs (and music); we love the beautiful poetry of theology, but we don’t expect it to work.

I find it hard to put into words how much I love this place, how much I love the people who show up here. It’s a refuge and a whiteboard and a coffee shop and a theatre, all in turn, all exactly when I need it. These people are my dearest friends. and it fills me up with pride to have provided the platform where they do their work. I also love the easy grace that welcomes newcomers into the community. Pull up a chair. Have some grilled chicken. Try the Sangria.

In the coming weeks, I’m going to revamp this site – it’s gotten to the point where people we don’t know are showing up, and the $20 festive jungle couch from the thrift store works just fine when your friends are coming by, but when company is coming, you should spruce up the place a bit.

As part of that revamp, I’m going to add author pages, so that you can get to know the people whose drivel you are wading through. I don’t want to slog through the kind of smug, false humility and chipper deference that you see in most author bios though, so instead of writing our own, we’re doing this round robin.

Aly, you’re writing one for Bryan
Bryan, you’re writing one for Chad
Chad, you’re writing one for me
and I’m writing one for Aly

In addition to the normal stuff, each bio must include the person’s ideal Jeopardy categories (there are 6).

Keep it to a few paragraphs. Feel free to include outrageous lies and embarrassing truths. At the end of each bio, the person you’re writing about will get a one paragraph rebuttal.

Those of you who don’t yet get what makes this place awesome, watch how this dogfight explodes, and you’ll understand.

Game on.

32 thoughts on “Welcome to the Road House

  1. Chad

    Curse you….
    See, I accept your gauntlet, but I am going to be spending the next three days at my inlaws, where the computer is inexplicably in the garage. So, while my family is getting loaded on trictophane or howeverthehell you spell it, I will be sweating in the garage with the dog, frantically blogging. Thanks Mike, I look forward to doing your bio, time bandito.

  2. aly hawkins

    You are sick. And I love you. (You remember, right, that I’m married to Bryan and live in the same house with him, like, all the time? Right? RIGHT??)

  3. Morphea

    Aly’s right – she’s the only one who won’t be able to insult, fabricate and poke fun with impunity since she’s the only one who has to live with the aforementioned describee. Michael, you must reshuffle the order or Aly’s bio of Ash and his subsequent rebuttal may move their marriage into the Devil’s camp for a season.

  4. michael lee Post author

    aly, you see what happens when you don’t take his last name? I forget stuff like this!
    Sorry, but the text of the bio ordering is fixed an inerrant, and not subject to new interpretations. Thus spake zarathustra.

  5. aly hawkins

    Wow, you are amazing. See how you made it MY fault??
    I accept your challenge. Hear me roar.

  6. aly hawkins

    I’m roaring more for the challenge of writing a bio that is truly comic genius that somehow manages to be supportive and spouse-y. If I can do that, I can write my stupid Great American Novel.

  7. Morphea

    Yeah, [thanks, Aly. Got sidetracked] Michael – a very funny description of a wonderful group. I’m honored to be among the hoi polloi.

  8. hash

    Wow, impressive you guys! A couple weeks ago I think your blog linkage was around the 30 mark – today at 71!? It’s most likely due to having a full moon last week, but may be attributable to good writing or interestingnessness (ummm)… Anyway, I’m really glad to see this place skyrocketing in popularity. :)

  9. Karen and Bobby

    It has been so fun reconnecting with all of you through this blog. I am not sure why everyone thinks Bobby has court mandated sensitivity training……

    Anyway, I can’t wait to see all of your bios!


  10. Chad

    I’m still pondering it, but the dogfight WILL explode! Just as soon as I work off the turkey and change a few more diapers.

  11. michael lee Post author

    dude, scabies, you make an excellent point. Thank you for taking the time to express it so eloquently.

    Also, do think Dexoprin might help clear up this nasty bug infection I’ve got? I hope so!

  12. Chad

    Scabies, I completely disagree, and here’s why:

    1) McLaren is not suggesting that the creation account in Genesis is false, or a myth, but simply that we have lacked, thus far, the scientific perspective to correctly interpret what God was trying to tell us, and that we may, several hundred or thousand years from now, have a different perspective entirely.

    2) The hatch is representative of the human need to control and manage their world, without the understanding whatsoever of what “The Numbers” or, “108 Minutes” truly means, which is, of course, all about sexuality.

    3) If you’re using firefox, this would never have happened.

    4) You’re a total douche.

  13. Gretchen

    HQCS agrees if you ignore them , they go away. I don’t know all you “yeah I’ll quit by 30″ club, maybe it’s a sign…. :)

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