Just picked this up today. I’ll write a review here in the next few days, but let me say right now that I read the Author’s Note over lunch and it’s clear that Anne & Jesus have had a head-on collision from which she will never recover.

Oh, and I found this on her website:

“In support of Christ the Lord, I received these wonderful words from
Rev. Brian McClaren,
and many other wonderful books:

Throughout history – from the DaVinci Code and the work of Walker Percy or Flannery O’Connor, back through Pilgrim’s Progress and the Divine Comedy to the parables of Jesus — fictional narratives have been important ways for authors and readers to explore matters of ultimate concern. Anne Rice here places herself in this rich tradition. Yes, this portrayal of Jesus will engender controversy – but it will also convey a sense of the political, social, and religious milieu into which Jesus came, which will in turn shed new light on the meaning of his teaching, life, and passion. Highly recommended!”

My literary universe is complete.

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  1. Stick

    Man, I’m so tempted to say something like… “Is this the one where Jesus hunts down and kills the vampire?”, but I won’t. I decided it was borderline bad taste.

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