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As some of you may have noticed, the tagline beneath the title on this blog rotates everytime you load a page. I like you people fine, and your ideas and what not are spiffy, but I’ll be honest; that’s my favorite thing about the blog.

But now, the pressure is overwhelming. I can’t keep coming up with these things at the same pace, and with the same high standards of witt, sarcasm, obscure reference, and tightly worded syntax.

So I am throwing out a plea for help. Leave your suggestions for Addison Road taglines in the comment section below.

39 thoughts on “Addison Road Taglines

  1. michael lee Post author

    I should mention that some of the current favorites already came from Bobby Reinsch, including “I came to kick ass and be emergent, and I’m all out of candles” and “don’t get your fundies in a wad.”

  2. Morphea

    I’m not clever enough to think of anything new, but I’m glad you wrote this, because I’d like to take this opportunity to say that they make me laugh every time. Clever man, you are.

  3. aly hawkins

    His mercies are new every morning…too bad I sleep til noon.
    This is the day that the Lord has made…I will hit snooze for 20 minutes.

  4. aly hawkins

    I’m not sure I’m down with submitting ideas this way. (Now that I’ve submitted a couple.) I keep having this recurring fantasy that all six people who read this blog will come and read the comments section and laugh to themselves. “Poor Aly…thinks she’s funny in almost the same way as Michael. Boy is she delusional.”
    Man, I woke up insecure.

  5. Morphea

    “Don’t just stand there, try and brace it with something!!”
    Aly, you are as intelligent as you are beautiful and kind. Which is a lot. Um, does that help?
    I really like your taglines. At least you’re not cravenly borrowing from Star Wars…

  6. Morphea

    [this is Morphea laughing her ass off]
    By the way, what’s with the ink-free bodies tagline? Huh? Huh? I have a tattoo and I know at least one other writer on this blog who does, too. I can’t believe I wasn’t hammered enough to start showing everybody at the 30th birthday bash. I was drunk enough to physically re-enact Otto Titsling…

  7. aly hawkins

    Remove your sandals. You’re in holy cyberspace.
    Obsessing over the speck in your eye.
    Seared Spurgeon, anyone?

  8. michael lee Post author

    Morphea – Aly brought up issue with the “ink-free” tag. One of the ways people dismiss the emerging church is by insisting that it’s only interested in being the church for hip 20 something pomo people, and doesn’t have anything to say for people who are mainstream, middle-aged, salt-of-the-earth, bakersfield kind of people. The tag line is meant to underscore the fact that these ideas aren’t tied to any sort of person, and the emerging thingy moves through both inked up and ink-free people.

  9. aly hawkins

    IN A WORLD of bone-chilling evil and bland blog tripe…ONE MAN, er THREE MEN AND A GIRL will type 80 wpm and beat back the darkness.

  10. Morphea

    Thanks, Michael, though I wasn’t offended. I only have one humble tattoo and it’s 7 years old and needs retouching, so it’s not like you have a Suicide Girl faction on your blog or anything.
    Though that would be cool…

  11. Chad

    I can’t believe I am not getting any props for Slice of Galatia. What the hell’s wrong with you people?

  12. Chad

    Ingrid calls her blog, “Slice of Laodicea,” referring to Revelation 3:16, where the revalator says, “So, because you are lukewarm – neither hot nor cold – I am about to spit you out of my mouth.” The title of the blog is an indictment against the Purpose Driven, Chruch Growth, and Emerging Churches for being representatives of the Church at Laodicea in the modern world.

    I suggest we tag our site “Slice of Galatia,” as Galations is, largely, a letter from Paul hassling the locals for adding specific cultural rules and regulations to the gospel. It’s a biblically sound, and yet mean spirited, slap at that blog.

    I would also settle for:

    “FOOLISH Galatians!!!”

  13. Chad

    I happen to really like the one about “Don’t blame us, we voted for…” also. That’s high comedy.

  14. Chad

    Argh. I can’t figure out how to go back and fix a spelling error. Now I’ll never be a teen model.

  15. aly hawkins

    Mad props for Slice of Galatia. I’m still pissed that Mike wouldn’t go for “The Bunyan on the Body of Christ.” Bloody brilliant.

  16. Morphea

    Can we check the spelling on the “Can I get that slice of Laodicea (or whatever) a la mode” tagline? People seem to be differing on how to spell Laodicea. And I think I’m wrong, too.
    That one’s really, really funny, by the way.

  17. Bobby

    Chad – very late props on the slice of Galatia… I was about to ask who came up with it. I guess I should have looked here first but I googled it instead and figured it out. Does that count as a quiet time?

  18. aly hawkins

    Helen Steiner Rice is pithy. Bill Gaither is pithy. The audience for pithy loves Thomas Kincade. To a budding gen-x writer, pithy is the kiss of death.

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