The Emergent Tom Cruise

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What is a Thetan?

What Fresh MC actually says …

Addison Road – no idea is so sacred that you can’t poke it with a stick

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19 thoughts on “The Emergent Tom Cruise

  1. aly hawkins

    I missed the memo where we agreed to call Brian McLaren “McD.” I thought we were still debating that and MC-EC.

    And even though I also missed the memo about changing this blog’s tagline from “the journey continues::the destination persists” to its current incarnation, you have my hearty aye…though I also really like “so sacred, so sexy.”

  2. jeremy

    Well, up in these parts Brian is known as B-Mac…maybe I should consult him on this as my pastor…but I do wonder what “stick” represents. Is there a broader, deeper meaning to “sticks”???


  3. Ash

    While I am most certainly unqualified to pontificate the meaning of “Stick” as a moniker, I am definitely relieved to know that Mike rules by executive fiat. As a life long holder of deterministic paradigms, it’s comforting to know that I never really had a choice. I’m bound to thank you, Mike.

  4. aly hawkins

    Why is no one listening to me?? (Oh, the executive fiat. I forgot.) MC-EC is HILARIOUS. Even Fresh MC-EC or Fresh EC or something – but you really gotta have EC in there. Where do I sign up for the coup?

  5. jeremy

    so you are poking things with the bud-wies-er frogs?!? PETA!!! PETA!!! come hither!!

    Anyway, yes B-Mac is my pastor and I have seen all of your cartoons…funny stuff :)

    enjoy your day folks!

  6. michael lee Post author

    ash, i just reread your comment: “As a life long holder of deterministic paradigms, it’s comforting to know that I never really had a choice. I’m bound to thank you, Mike.” You win the philosophical nerd joke of the day award.

  7. Morphea

    Yeah, um, I was just gonna let that one slide by, since I had no bloody idea what he meant (my fault for not listening better in my one philosophy class in college). Now I’m going to to figure it all out. Ash, it worries me that Aly and now YOU have regularly begun to send me scurrying to that site in order to fully appreciate what you’re saying (well, Aly has since we met). I’m woefully rethinking my own paradigms vis a vis how big my vocabulary really IS. Size matters, you know? Cerise

  8. Stick

    Sheesh, sorry to bring an old one to life, but I just realized I’ve been discussed without knowing it.

    “Stick” developed in Jr High when a buddy would refer to me as “Stick-in-the-mud”. And people often confuse Steckler with stickler. Well, and I’m tallish and skinnyish. Later in life I like the fact that a decent golfer can be refered to as a “Stick”, as in “That dude is a good stick”. Sticks in this case, refering to golf clubs.

  9. june

    Wow. Ya think you know someone, and then…

    13 years and I never knew about the origin of “Stick.”

    Hi Brian…I’m June. Your wife.

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