Post-foundationalism and Fannie Lou

I think the whole idea behind (ha) post-foundationalism – and we MUST get a shorter freakin’ name – is the awareness that beliefs are not created in a vacuum. Behind every new belief is another belief (dare I say assumption?) that makes the new belief possible. For example: I believe that Gretchen will not allow your daughter to be named Fannie Lou, even though this stellar explanation for post-foundationalism makes it my privilege, nay, my right, to name her as I deem best. Lurking underneath this belief is my assumption that Gretchen harbors neither malevolence nor sadistic intention toward the imminently arriving Fannie Lou. Underneath that belief is my assumption that Gretchen desires to spare your daughter as much pain as possible (G’s 50% of the genes also help in this arena) and that christening your daughter with a slang term for one’s bottom is probably not the way to do it. Underneath that belief is my assumption that Gretchen thinks that names really mean something, that they can and should point to who we are created to be, who we can become. Underneath that belief…

Okay, you get it. I think recognition that we do a heck-load of assuming is not only chic, it is what all the cool kids are doing. (That was the long answer to your a-or-b question. Short answer: b.) Can you ask Gretchen what she thinks about Hortense Louise?


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  1. Michael

    I just ordered it today from amazon. It’ll go on my “candy” shelf, which is where I keep books that I get to read once the master’s degree is finished …

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