Purpose Productions Presents …

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  1. Brian McLaren and Nordic Jesus
  2. Purpose Productions Presents …
  3. Bono and Nordic Jesus
  4. The Emergent 23rd
  5. www.EmergentOrNot.com
  6. The PoMo Architecture Review
  7. The Emergent Tom Cruise
  8. Emerging “C” Movement?
  9. Jesus O’Christ

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7 thoughts on “Purpose Productions Presents …

  1. Stick

    WAH HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!

    Ok, maybe that was overstated.

    I remember it, and it was funny then as it is now.

  2. Morphea

    Michael, your comix are very, very funny. I laugh every time you post one.

    [slinks away, wonders what's to get, berates herself for having no sense of humor, no subtlety, no capacity for abstract thought]


  3. michael lee Post author

    I used to do them in the back of the class while I was snoozing through my master’s degree. I graduated, and suddenly had no more time to waste.

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