Opening Salvo

When we worship
We stand on the shoulders of a thousand generations who knew God
Who saw him move and moved with him
Who heard him speak and spoke with him
Who bathed in his spirit, and with spirit-filled hearts
danced and
sang and
leapt with joy

Who saw something of his nature and
had their hearts broken
for the
weak and the
weary and the
orphans and the

broken for the poverty and
fear and
injustice and
cruelty of the world

Who were not content to sit idly by and mourn these things
but who seized upon lives that
changed the world, and with every breath
They worshiped God.

4 thoughts on “Opening Salvo

  1. Anonymous

    hey Teacher!

    You are awesome! That’s awesome what you posted, and I am so blessed to be taught by you and be your student!

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